Corona, ‘Unfilter Mexico’


GUT Mexico and Corona urge the film industry to abandon the negative portrayal of Mexico through the long-standing use of a yellow filter. By rejecting stereotypes and reserving the color solely for its beer, Corona seeks to dispel misconceptions perpetuated in movies and online media.

During the 2023 Academy Awards, the most important celebration in the film industry, Corona, the world’s most valuable Mexican beer brand, calls on the industry to avoid using the yellow filter that has been used for years to portray Mexico negatively, and instead, to avoid generating stereotypes created by its use, leaving the color yellow only for its beer. In movies from some countries, it is common to see Mexico portrayed through the use of a yellow filter. This seems not to be a coincidence since in cinematographic language that yellow filter has been used for years to denote heat, risk, and danger. On the Internet, it is also possible to find hundreds of press notes and memes related to the topic since it is a misconception of what Mexico really is.

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