3 Branding Strategies for Those Who Want To Come Out Of This Crazy Time Bigger and Better


They are the holy trinity of powerful brands we each admire (and this includes large companies, small companies, old companies, young startups, individuals, and even cities), the ones that defy the odds, defy trends, and outlast shifting marketplaces.

And right now, we are in the middle of the biggest shift any of us has likely experienced in this lifetime.


In this video, these are the 3 points I cover :


I cover techniques that explain how to build your brand from scratch, how to build a brand and fundamentals of brand strategy for growth, for success, and for business.

How are you using Storytelling, Expectations and the Power of Ideas to keep your brand relevant and meaningful during these everchanging times?


Here’s what to do starting now to uplevel your storytelling immediately:

  1. Look at the stories your industry’s talking about: the repetitive, overused, unoriginal ideas, pitches, and promises.
  2. Isolate what you’re going to share that’s different that educatesinforms, and talks about that others in your industry are overlooking, or taking for granted.
  3. Figure out unique ways to convey this to the world: something distinct, unepxected, value-driven, and relatable as an extension of your audience’s values.
  4. Lean into this a LOT and provide this in an ongoing and continual series of posts. Don’t lose sight that is a long play and plant seeds for later harvesting.
  5. Get inventive.
  6. Be relentless.
  7. Look more closely into the comments and types of qustions that surface in the replies you get and use those to create more meaningful posts and content, and lastly, produce more than anyone else.

“The brand with the best story will win the hearts, minds, and business of those it serves.” David Brier

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