Visitors are from Earth. Unique Visitors are from some other Planet!


Visitors are from Earth. Unique Visitors are from some other Planet!

The numbers make incredibly heady reading. The NFL sport has a huge fan following and a team like the Washington Redskins takes fan following to an absolutely exponential level.

Going by a recent Washington Post article, the Redskins which moved its training camp to Richmond a couple of seasons back, undoubtedly prompted more NFL fans to know and read about the city of Richmond than it would have normally happened.

RedskinsNow brace yourself for these sledgehammer blow numbers. To understand the impact of the Redskins team move to Richmond, a third party media monitoring analysis report was conducted by Meltwater and TVEyes. Now here is the prognosis: That report determined, among other things, that there were “7,845,460,401 unique visitors ofprint/online coverage of the 2014 Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Camp from July 24-Aug. 12.

RedskinsIf you are numb with shock, here could be the reason!! The Unique Visitors that the report cite is far higher than the actual population on Planet Earth (a total of 7.26 billion as estimated by the Census Bureau), of which only 40% have real internet connectivity. It’s quite possible that a lot of (hue)mankind  from Pluto, Mars, Jupiter and where have you were very interested in the Redskins.

Its quite apparent that this joke of a report has not gone down very well with a lot of people(many of whom not being thick skinned are seeing Red, do pardon the pun). Highly tempting as it may be, I am not appointing any of these ‘experts’ to monitor our ISD Global site’s ( statistics and unique visitors and the reason is very simple. We are looking for unique visitors of the human kind that walk the earth. If any(thing) from nether world were to browse and visit us, we wouldn’t know how to deal with it. At we populate our site with content, but if we were asked to use content to populate population, we would come a cropper!! We are neither that Unique nor Rich(mond) you see…

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