Twitter Polls: How Early Adopting Brands Are Using Them


On October 21st, during the #TwitterFlight2015 conference, Twitter expanded its gamut of services by introducing Twitter Polls, a particularly interesting and important feature that will enrich user experience and engagement. 

This is what Javier Burón, CEO & Co-founder of SocialBro, had to say on the latest development by Twitter:

Javier Buron SocialBro Paid Social Twitter Advertising SMWLDN 2015

Javier Burón, CEO & Co-founder, SocialBro

“We were at the #TwitterFlight conference when Twitter launched one of their latest features: Twitter Polls. This is a great opportunity for brands to interact with their audience. It is an example of how Twitter can enrich video content and images. In addition, by using Twitter surveys and polls, brands will be able to get more information from and about their audiences, it’ll now be possible to directly see their interests and preferences. We definitely have an opportunity to take advantage of this social platform and make users feel a part of brand activity.”

In just over a month this new functionality has been available to all, many brands have already tried their hands at it. Here’s a look at how brands have used the Twitter Polls feature…

Giving The Audience Complete Power

Oakland Raiders led by example with this simple poll. By asking this question, they put the power back in the hands of their fans’, and let them dictate future events. Strategic and engaging.

Spreading Awareness

One that works perfectly for not-for-profit and charity organisations, WHO used the Twitter poll feature to spread awareness for World Antibiotic Awareness Week and #WorldToiletDay

Promoting A Regular and Recurring #Hashtag

Using the hashtag #BeautyandtheBeats, Benefit Cosmetics’ host a radio show every Thursday. In a bid to promote the hashtag and the show, they used Twitter poll to do a simple survey of their audience’s music preferences.

Gauging Knowledge Of Audience About Upcoming Launches

If you’re launching a product, or in this case, a film and want to know how successful your promotions of that product have been, why not take a Twitter poll? This is exactly what Indian film production company, Dharma Productions, did to see how much their audience knew about their upcoming films… plus it was the perfect way of promoting them.

Promoting Products

One of the main ways Twitter polls would be used by brands is by promoting their products – and car manufacturer Nissan did just that. Using a soft sell approach, they asked their audience how they would use the Nissan GTR, and drove a good amount of engagement from it.

Taco Bell wasn’t far off, but instead of asking about particular items on their menu, they started off the Twitter polling with a generic, but effective question.

Pure Entertainment [With A Smattering Of Market Research]

And then there were some brands that decided to try their hands at Twitter polls by asking questions for the pure joy of it. They were topical, engaging, and fun.

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