Top 10 brand social videos of Q2


The second quarter of 2016 saw video advertising advance as native content began to formally take hold of the industry.

Brand videos in collaboration with publishers, meant to disguise marketing pushes, are becoming more intuitive, while standard film efforts are giving glimpses into the luxury industry through tales of sophistication and allure with a dash of comedic value. Video remains a pillar of luxury marketing as the medium allows a brand to explore its DNA through creative and often beautiful narratives.

Here are the top 10 social videos of the second quarter, in alphabetical order:

Sophie Turner for GQ and Burberry's The Night Before

Sophie Turner for GQ and Burberry’s The Night Before

Burberry’s one-night stand with GQ

Men’s lifestyle magazine GQ recounted what happened the night before through a native content partnership with British fashion house Burberry.

Created by the Condé Nast Britain Video team for GQ’s global markets, “Mr. Burberry: The Night Before…” was housed on the publication’s GQ Video channel and spun a narrative in three short films. The collaboration tied in with Burberry’s latest fragrance launch, Mr. Burberry, a cologne inspired by the brand’s iconic black trench.

The first episode of Mr. Burberry: The Night Before… was titled “The Departure” and featured British actress Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and Jean Grey in “X-Men Apocalypse,” which premiered in the UK on May 9.

In the 2 and half minute film, viewers saw Ms. Turner laying in a bed while talking on her cell phone. Although viewers miss the start of the conversation, the bits heard showed Ms. Turner telling a friend that her companion for the night was gone by the time she woke up, giving no intimate details (see story).

Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner recounts ‘The Night Before’ | Mr. Burberry | British GQ

Video still from Inside Chanel, chapter 15

Video still from Inside Chanel, chapter 15

Chanel N°5’s couture composition

In its latest Inside Chanel chapter, French atelier Chanel painted a self-portrait of its iconic N°5 perfume, introducing its backstory and role in the brand’s DNA.

Inside Chanel now consists of 15 chapters that explore the brand’s codes such as its use of particular colors, the lion motif and the legacy of founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. As its most well-known fragrance, N°5 has been the subject of two other Inside Chanel chapters to date, showing the significance of the house’s first scent.

Inside Chanel’s latest chapter begins with a quotation from Ms. Chanel, spoken by the narrator. In the statement, Ms. Chanel said, “I wanted an artificial perfume. That’s right, artificial, like a dress; meaning manufactured. I am a designer of couture. I want a perfume that is a composition.”

Afterwards, the narrator began to speak as if she were Chanel N°5, explaining that the fragrance is an “abstract painting, an olfactory geometry whose lines are emotions and whose tracings are memories” (see story).

The self-portrait of a perfume – Inside Chanel

Image from Christian Louboutin's "La Répétition" look book

Image from Christian Louboutin’s “La Répétition” look book

Christian Louboutin ballet

France’s Christian Louboutin pointed to its autumn/winter 2016 collection with the help of a cast of dancers.

The brand’s lookbook film “La Répétition” was inspired by the 1975 Broadway musical “A Chorus Line,” as a handful of dancers vied for the attention of demanding choreographer Blanca Li. As the troupe turned, leaped and kicked their hearts out, the Christian Louboutin heels and sneakers adorning their feet were front and center, providing an entertaining first look at the collection for consumers.

Le Répétition, directed by Ms. Li and shot by Rene Habermacher, premiered on May 31 on Christian Louboutin’s YouTube channel.

At the start of the film, the dancers were shown casually entering a studio. They sit on the floor next to a mirror, changing shoes or adding a layer of lipstick before rehearsal. Others migrated to the barre, stretching or leaping to warm up their muscles (see story).

La Répétition

Still from dunhill's Summer Drive campaign

Still from dunhill’s Summer Drive campaign

Dunhill teaches on the road etiquette

Menswear brand Alfred Dunhill took consumers on a summer drive, dispelling witty British driving etiquette along the way.

The “Summer Drives” film explored dunhill’s motoring heritage and adventurous spirit while also giving the brand an opportunity to feature its new eyewear collection. The eyewear collection, in association with De Rigo Vision, offers dunhill consumers optic and sunglass styles which reflect the brand’s aesthetics and commitment to excellence, craftsmanship and innovation (see story).

Dunhill presents Summer Drives

Fendi's Karlito on camera for Elle

Fendi’s Karlito on camera for Elle

Fendi and Karlito travel the world with Elle

Italian fashion house Fendi took consumers on a jetset tour of pre-fall’s biggest trends through an interactive sponsored video created by Elle International.

“Elle Invites Karlito To Globetrot the Trends” saw the furry bag charm modeled after Fendi creative director Karl Lagerfeld traveling to destinations including Shanghai, Rome or New York, with each city corresponding to a certain look of the season. This exclusive sponsored content program put Fendi in front of the fashion-hungry Elle audience around the world.

The campaign was conceived by Elle International, with collaborations from Elle China, Elle France, Elle Italy and Elle U.S., as well as Hearst, Lagardère Global Advertising and Fendi. Giving Fendi a global audience are the 10 participating online titles in China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States.

Karlito starts out in Paris. He gets a text from Elle inviting him to come to the magazine’s fashion closet. After hanging around with some of the editors, he boards a flight, ready for more adventures with Elle (see story).

Where in the World is Karlito? | Elle

Still from Gemfields' "Ruby Inspired Stories"

Still from Gemfields’ “Ruby Inspired Stories”

Gemfields ruby narratives

Colored-gemstone miner Gemfields portrayed the mystical properties believed to exist in rubies by weaving a trio of short female-centric narratives.

The purveyor’s “Ruby Inspired Stories” explore rubies’ believed symbolism of passion, protection and prosperity through tales of a single moment in three women’s lives. Rather than focusing on the physical appeal of the rubies pictured, Gemfields instead highlighted their emotional appeal, as the stones bring back memories or help to celebrate a milestone.

Gemfields’ films were released first on its YouTube account. Each was edited to 15-, 30- and 60-second formats, enabling the brand to use the clips in a social media campaign.

The videos, directed by Leonora Lonsdale and produced by London-based B-Reel films, will also be supported by a global print campaign (see story).

Gemfields Ruby Inspired Story on Prosperity featuring Grace Guozhi and Kamay Lau

Harvey Nichols' "Great Men" campaign featuring Boris Johnson

Harvey Nichols’ “Great Men” campaign featuring Boris Johnson

Makeovers by Harvey Nichols

British department store chain Harvey Nichols showed the impact its newly remodeled menswear shopping destination could have on iconic figures’ images.

The retailer’s campaign operated on the premise that “Great Men Deserve Great Style,” giving personalities as diverse as Charles Darwin and Barack Obama a sartorial update. This cheeky take on the power of fashion may help convince consumers that they too could work on their style.

On the brand’s Web site, the featured film depicts Boris Johnson, London’s former mayor and then-frontrunner to become the United Kingdom’s next prime minister prior to the Brexit vote. As a voiceover runs through the politician’s resume, it pauses and mentions his haircut, which it deems most similar to a labradoodle.

After the campaign’s tagline appears, Mr. Johnson’s hair transitions from a haphazard mane to a slicked back style. The retailer includes a link to discover more about the grooming opportunities within the newly opened menswear area (see story).

Great Men Deserve Great Style – Boris Johnson

Poltrona Frau Icons in Motion

Poltrona Frau Icons in Motion

Poltrona Frau brings furniture to life

Italian furniture maker Poltrona Frau made its presence at Milan Design Week known by bringing its products to life.

Chester, Dezza, Lyra, San Luca, 1919 and Vanity Fair are the elegantly upholstered stars of Poltrona Frau’s film, as well as its film-within-the-film. Scattered with clues throughout, the short film will engage enthusiasts who know the brand story while also luring in new consumers with its humor and mystery.

“Icons in Motion,” directed by Damiano Giacomelli, unfolds in “mockumentary” style, with interviews with the characters punctuating the primary story. A film crew is shooting in a theater but is running out of time, unable to get a deadline and missing its actors (see story).

Poltrona Frau – Icons in Motion

SK-II promotional image

SK-II promotional image

SK-II changes the destiny of unwed women

Beauty marketer SK-II helped single Chinese women overcome the stigma of being labeled a Sheng Nu, or leftover woman, in an emotional documentary-styled advert.

A Sheng Nu, meaning an unmarried female over the age of 27, is considered incomplete by Chinese society. SK-II’s “Marriage Market Takeover” film, which has gone viral since its debut in mid-April, brings to light the difficulties these women face since being cast as Sheng Nu.

Part of SK-II’s larger #ChangeDestiny movement, where the brand looks to defy age- and gender-related stereotypes, the Marriage Market Takeover film works to empower Sheng Nu to change their own destinies and challenge society’s views on being unmarried.

Shared across its social media channels, SK-II’s film explains that Chinese women face immense pressure to marry before the age of 27. As the name of the film suggests, many Chinese cities host marriage markets where parents go to post personal ads for their children in hopes of finding a potential suitor (see story).

SK-II: Marriage Market Takeover

Vogue's July 2016 cover

Vogue’s July 2016 cover

Vogue’s Anna Wintour and Amy Schumer swap careers

Beyond its advertising pages, the July issue of Condé Nast’s Vogue, which featured comedian Amy Schumer on its cover, was supported by digital content produced by Vogue and written by the comic. As the print and digital media industries continue to converge, it is becoming clearer that print titles will become more reliant on video features that bring their pages to life and offer consumers more than just written word and still imagery.

Being that Ms. Schumer is known for her stand-up and Comedy Central skits on “Inside Amy Schumer,” the comedian used her humor to celebrate her first Vogue cover.

In the “Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour Swap Lives” skit, the comic and editor in chief of Vogue do just that. In a take on the television series “Wife Swap,” the pair trade places with Ms. Schumer trying her hand at being Vogue’s editor in chief, while Ms. Wintour takes on stand-up comedy, a move that shows a very different side of the magazine’s head (see story).

Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour swap lives | Vogue

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