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After the (ubiquitous mother in law), husband bashing ranks pretty high on the pecking order. It is a very meaty conversation piece. And, it is knot very surprising when it comes to couples who, ideally, should have known each other by now having tied the knot several moons ago. And the only time they addressed each other as honey, was on their honeymoon. After that, it’s all a moonshot that never gets taken.

So, if you are prepared to read some lines(and between them), ” How to Read Your Husband Like a Book “ will make a fascinating read. Inspired by everyday situations and real life experiences, the book is truly a ‘ How To ‘ for women to understand their not so better half, in full.

The book’s author, Rajasekar KS has been at the stewardship level of bringing communities together for marriage, as General Manager, Marketing at Bharatmatrimony

The book’s author, Rajasekar KS has been at the stewardship level of bringing communities together for marriage, as General Manager, Marketing at Bharatmatrimony, India’s largest online matrimonial portal. All those insights, experience, customer behaviour and wisdom has found its way into the book. Punctuated with some tongue in cheek caricatures and insights, the book really has a story to tell. 

Though the book is primarily targeted at newly married women across the globe, ” How to Read Your Husband Like a Book “, will also make immense sense for all the husbands who are not afraid to introspect and if need be, back pedal. Looking back, can be the way going forward.

For all the wives out there wondering why their husbands are the way they are, here’s your chance to get a ringside view of your husband’s mind. As for the husbands, it’s the time to be self deprecating and understand why sometimes calling a spade a shovel is the need of the hour.

Enough of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Start reading your husband like a book!

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