A graphic designer’s new book redesigns the sausage in line with a low-meat future

Spotted: Graphic designer, Carolien Niebling, has published a book that takes an extensive look at different ways in which the way sausages are made might be developed. Niebling, who specialises in food-related design, teamed up with a molecular chef and a master butcher to design sausages that use less meat.

Niebling’s future sausage project and book, The Sausage of the Future, was inspired by the seemingly endless variety of sizes and fillings, and by the desire to highlight a diversity of nutrients. The book is divided into four sections: theory, method, material and result. Throughout, beautiful images and illustrations are used to represent the beauty of future comestibles, such as insect paté and heart fuet (a Catalan thin, dry-cured, sausage).

The illustrations of deconstructed sausages are reminiscent of encyclopaedia diagrams, but here they show the chocolate, almonds and apple that stand-in for blood in Niebling’s take on “blood sausage;” or the mealworms and milk foam used in the insect paté.  In November 2019, the future sausage project was awarded the Design Prize Switzerland in the Research category.

We continue to find innovative ideas for reducing food waste here at Springwise. With the demand to lower the impact of agriculture on the environment becoming more urgent, we can expect to see more ideas such as lab-grown meat and edible coffee cups.


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