The Secrets of Successful Creative Advertising by Tom Attea


“Tom’s book rocks! It tells you how to create advertising that succeeds – reliably! – and wins creative awards, too. Tom Attea is a genius – and I don’t say that lightly. Read, study, and apply The Secrets of Successful Creative Advertising if you want to create or buy the kind of advertising that gets noticed and makes more money!” – Doug Hall, author of the best-selling marketing book Jump Start Your Brain and founder of the Eureka! Ranch International for training in innovative marketing

“The Secrets of Successful Creative Advertising should equip downtown marketers to grasp the creative process in an optimally productive way and select work that is most likely to achieve success. Author Tom Attea is a razor-sharp, thorough thinker and an excellent writer to invest time with and learn from.” – Paul Felt, Editor, Downtown Promotion Reporter

In this groundbreaking new book, an award-winning Madison Avenue copywriter, creative director, and creative consultant reveals the secrets of successful creative advertising – the most effective style of advertising ever devised. And he provides a unique method for maximizing its power – The Creative Exploratory.

When you read just the first few pages of The Secrets of Successful Creative Advertising, you’ll understand more about the advertising creative process and how to create and select successful creative advertising than most people have ever known. And when you read the entire book, you’ll know enough to become one of the most effective, award-winning creative people in advertising or a marketing person with the ability to recognize and select creative work that is likely to be remarkably successful.

The author demonstrates the secrets of creative advertising with examples that range from the beginning of the advertising creative revolution in the 1950s to the latest Internet advertising.

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