Linked to Influence by Stephanie Sammons


7 Powerful Rules for Becoming a Top Influencer in Your Market and Attracting Your Ideal Clients on LinkedIn

Want to Become More Influential and Attract Your Ideal Clients on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a powerful, professional platform for growing your business in the digital age, especially if your business depends on your reputation, client relationships, and referrals!

You know that significant business opportunities exist on LinkedIn, but perhaps you feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to capitalize on them. You may have these questions:

How can I tap into LinkedIn’s vast database of professionals to find and attract my ideal clients?

How can I stand out on LinkedIn as the influential, trusted, go-to expert in my industry, market, or niche?

How can I have the greatest impact on LinkedIn and achieve meaningful results without spending hours of my time?

How can I build a solid referral network on LinkedIn that works for me while I sleep?

Don’t Market on LinkedIn, Build Your Influence!

Too many entrepreneurs and business owners get LinkedIn marketing wrong. They see what others are doing and they copy those tactics, hoping for results.

While your peers are overtly marketing their products and services on LinkedIn, you can take the opposite approach and separate yourself from the pack. You can leverage LinkedIn to build your personal influence and position yourself as the trusted and obvious choice in your industry, market, or niche!

Sharing your unique message in a way that adds significant value to your ideal clients or customers on LinkedIn will build your influence and build their trust.

The greater your LinkedIn influence, the more you will systematically attract the right clients and opportunities into your business. You will be in the powerful position of deciding who to say yes to, and who to say no to!

7 Powerful Rules That Can Catapult Your LinkedIn Success

After working for large financial services firms for 15 years, Stephanie Sammons quit her job and ventured into entrepreneurship. That was more than five years ago, when LinkedIn became her most valuable business asset.

Stephanie is an experienced “trust-based” marketer whose business success has always depended on her reputation, relationships, and referrals. Not only has she applied these influence marketing skills to her own LinkedIn presence, Stephanie has also become a well-known LinkedIn speaker, teacher, and writer.

LinkedIn’s head of global content has recognized Stephanie as a Top 25 Social Media Expert and Top 30 Marketing Thought Leader.

In Linked to Influence, Stephanie combines her high-trust marketing and sales experience with her in-depth LinkedIn knowledge to give you an actionable strategy for success. She shares a comprehensive, step-by-step process that can help you develop a more influential LinkedIn presence and client attraction process.

In this book, you will learn these 7 powerful rules for LinkedIn success:

-How to power up your LinkedIn profile with precision

-How to build a smarter LinkedIn network

-How to grow your LinkedIn visibility through value

-How to network smarter on LinkedIn

-How to go ‘one-to-one’ with anyone on LinkedIn

-How to get LinkedIn to groups

-How to become a trusted thought leader on LinkedIn

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