Lead Generation: Theory and Practice by Mrs Ksenia Andreeva


Presently, marketing has undergone serious change. Marketers have faced increasing demand to provide quantitative data representative of their work, particularly focusing on sales growth in correlation with a narrow target audience.

As marketers strive to cultivate new customers directly, they have turned to a growing area of interest: lead generation – a marketing activity aimed at acquiring direct contacts of prospective customers that have demonstrated some interest in the seller’s goods and services.

This book has a purely practical purpose, serving as an introductory resource to principles and methods that will enable marketing professionals to raise the number of potential customers and multiply the number of sales typically received.

The book describes:
– lead generation theory, its basic concepts, and methods of evaluating a return on marketing investments;
– customer detection techniques (cold calls, pay-per-click, mailings, events, etc.);
– peculiarities and challenges of lead generation campaigns and methods to overcome obstacles;
– real stories about the way companies do lead generation and calculate its results.

Outstanding Features of the Book

– 14 real life case studies.
– New trends of lead generation: cadence, market places, content management.
– Up-to-date statistics for 2015 and plans for 2016.
– Based on multi-industry experience (IT, automotive, education and even public organizations).
– The style of the book is simple, charismatic and with humor (contains caricatures, jokes, wise quotes of great businessmen).
– Applicable to both B2B and B2C.
– The author explains all the lead generation concepts but also gives reasons why they should not be treated rigorously, as every company has its own business features and, thus, ROI and lead criteria.
– A special section is dedicated to the challenge of lead generation outsourcing.
– As lead generation is based on constant testing and statistics, the author also speaks about software tools helping to run your campaigns and calculate ROI efficiently.

The book presents the results of a global benchmark report: “Lead Generation: Strategies and tactics for 2016”. This survey covered 259 respondents from information and telecommunication technologies, consulting, banking, wholesale, insurance, auto-dealers, etc.

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