Insidious Competition by Richard Telofski


The Battle for Meaning and the Corporate Image

The battle for the meaning of your corporate image is on and Richard Telofski explains how you can fight back in today’s online world. The battle is being waged in social media by ordinary and not-so-ordinary competition that subtly and insidiously competes for your company’s reputation. Discover this newInsidious Competition, what they do, how they do it, and why they mangle the meaning of your company in the twenty-first century global town square. Learn what you can do about it. • Recognize the Different Types of Insidious Competitors within Social Media. • Learn about the Tools Each Type of Corporate Image Competitor Wields. • Know the Attack Types They Use on YOUR Corporate Image. • Understand That for Insidious Competitors It’s Not about Truth and Reality. • See How Digital Crowd Behavior Can Redefine Your Corporate Image. • Explore Counter Strategies and Tactics. The new digital media battle will not be against hackers. It will be in the insidious struggle for meaning. Your company is under an inexorable attack in the new business and social world of the twenty-first century. That attack won’t stop. Learn how to preserve your company’s image, and, along with it, your job and your children’s future.

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