Essential LinkedIn for Business by Jon Swift


Essential LinkedIn for Business: A no-nonsense guide to marketing and branding your business online and generating more leads using the power of LinkedIn

Do you want to utilise the power of LinkedIn™ to take your business to the next level?

Are you leveraging the world’s largest professional social network LinkedIn™ to the maximum to market and grow your business, and generate new leads and customers?
With more than 300 million members and still growing fast, LinkedIn offers great opportunities to grow your business and establish your authority in your industry. It is also the place to find new employees because any professional worth their salt will have a profile on LinkedIn
It’s a sad fact that many are missing out on opportunities because they are not using LinkedIn to its fullest potential so as to build their presence in the marketplace and get new prospects. Yet it only takes a short time to learn how to leverage LinkedIn™ to its fullest
Discover what’s inside

Use “Essential LinkedIn™ for Business” for a no waffle way to ensure that you are using LInkedIn to the maximum by learning:

    • How to quickly start and then grow your network on LinkedIn
    • Creating a powerful LinkedIn profile headline that will generate many more profile views and get you noticed
    • Creating a full professional LinkedIn profile that will make people want to connect
    • Optimising your LinkedIn profile to be found in Search
    • Write a compelling personal profile that will establish your personal brand on LinkedIn
    • What contact info you should be using and how to customise anchor text to your own blog, squeeze landing page and website
    • Learn what makes a LinkedIn personal profile have maximum impact
    • Choosing the right profile picture
    • How to generate A Custom LinkedIn URL
    • Using Testimonials and recommendations to boost creditability
    • Techniques for driving prospects to your squeeze landing pages
    • Grow your LinkedIn network and connect with prospects and future employees
    • Convert your LinkedIn profile views into connections
    • Learn techniques for building your creditability as an authority in your market
    • Rise to top in your LinkedIn Groups
    • Why you should Establish yourself as a thought leader
    • Creating your own LinkedIn Groups to promote your business
    • Managing your own LinkedIn Group to maximum effect
    • Creating Company and Showcase pages for your business
    • Combine your LinkedIn activity with other social channels to avoid duplication and reduce workload
    • Maximising on the synergy between SlideShare™ and LinkedIn
    • Why you should be choosing LinkedIn™ for advertising rather than FaceBook™
  • Deciding if you need Premium LInkedIn membership

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