Branding Basics for Small Business by Maria Ross


Branding Basics for Small Business, 2nd Edition: How to Create an Irresistible Brand on Any Budget

The popular guide used by entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses and non-profits everywhere to build an irresistible brand on any budget is now updated! Branding Basics for Small Business, 2nd Edition includes fresh content around social media, content marketing and networking trends and additional real-world case studies of small business and entrepreneurial success.

Small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits enviously watch “the big guys” create tribes of loyal followers. How do they do it? What can time and resource-strapped organizations learn from them?

The secret is a strong Brand Strategy, which goes far beyond a logo. Brand is your core promise, personality and reason for being. Effective branding isn’t about how much money you spend, but on how clearly and consistently you communicate the right message through all you do.

In Branding Basics for Small Business, 2nd Edition, brand strategist, author and speaker, Maria Ross, shares practical tips and real-world case studies of irresistible small business brands, plus insights from global marketing experts on how you can make this happen for your organization. Part One defines what brand really means (and what it does not) and why it matters to your success. Part Two outlines a simple ten-question process with exercises designed to help you build a strong brand strategy of your own. Part Three offers practical action steps to bring that brand strategy to life through design, marketing tactics, social media, content marketing and more so you can:

* Generate buzz and loyalty with the right customers, clients, or donors,
* Make smarter, more cost-effective marketing decisions,
* Stand out from the crowd and grow your business.

This practical and entertaining guide is your answer to building the perfect brand, connecting with loyal fans and growing your business or organization on any budget.

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