Brand Romance by Neil Gridley, Yasushi Kusume


Using the Power of High Design to Build a Lifelong Relationship with Your Audience

For brands to succeed in a competitive environment they need to build a ‘loving’ relationship with their audiences. Brands need to construct an emotional engagement with audiences over time, so that they can make a genuine connection both to the brand and what it has to offer. Featuring 15 ‘commitments’ Brand Romance reveals how to use High Design principles to build a truly effective brand. High Design goes beyond the usual rational, quantitative measures, to analyse the role that emotion can play in building brand loyalty and to emphasize the importance of the holistic brand experience, so that it is meaningful to everyone from customers to stakeholders. This highly-engaging and readable book integrates business, research and design to explore how to build a long-term and loving relationship with your audience, based upon the principles of clear communication, in-depth understanding, innovation, sharing and nurture.

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