A Salutation to Excellence at the ExceLENS Awards in Dubai

Dubai, April 25
They came. They clicked. They conquered.
It was a packed house at the eclectic Etihad Museum,Dubai, the venue for the 1st Toshiba Excelens Awards instituted to salute the achievements of the region’s finest photographers (Pros/Amateurs), to discover new and emerging talent including students, home makers, hobbyists, literally anyone, and to promote the appreciation of photography/videography.




More than 6000 submissions from over 1000 participants from across the region made this a stupendous first edition of the Awards(Conceptualised and Engineered by Dubai based branding agency ISD Global), across nine categories including Food, Travel, People, Architecture, Fine Arts, Nature/Wildlife, Street, Lifestyle/Fashion, Technology, Videography/Moving Images. 18 winners(2 per category- winner & runner up) took home just recognition for their talent, passion and hardwork. That apart, 3 students were recognised for their photography work and 3 more were lucky to win an all expenses paid exotic foreign holiday. In all, a total of 24 winners.




” The first question we get asked is- why Toshiba? And our response is that when it comes to content creation especially still and moving images, the last mile(storage) is a dark hole. We know about thousands of high quality work not seeing the light of the day due to bad or inappropriate storage. As Inventors of the Flash Memory and as a pioneering brand that invests billions in R&D, Toshiba wants to articulate the importance of storage in the overall scheme of things and thats precisely why we took this thought leadership stance of instituting a platform that recognises the importance of content creators and the work they do” avered Santosh Varghese, Vice President, Toshiba MEA.


The Winners and Runners up were distilled by an eminent panel of jury members who are recognised, experience stalwarts in their own right. And the awards were presented by industry captains from the field of architecture, culinary arts, fine arts, business etc.


” The Excelens Awards is a starting point. And defines more than meets the eye. We move this onto a Wall of Frame where outstanding work in the field of photography/videography will get displayed every quarter and all such work will go into the overall pool of work that will get shortlisted for the next years edition of the Awards. So, its sustained and cyclical and talent gets an ongoing opportunity to exhibit and showcase.


At ISD Global we are constantly identifying and bringing communities together on platforms that accord talent the opportunity to intersect with the right audience in the right eco system. In the process, brands also get a well defined, sought after community whom they can intimately inform, influence and impact. The Excelens Awards extends our thinking perfectly. Content creators are inspired and motivated by respect and recognition and we believe such events go a great length to fortify that. Toshiba has been pioneers in associating with products and concepts that are future ready and we are very fortunate to have their power, aura and influence to make this Excelens Awards a reality “, avered Suresh Dinakaran, Group CEO, ISD Global.


” Our driving the Excelens Awards blends in perfectly with the Toshiba philosophy of being where the future is. We have instituted this as an annual property and look forward to building this into the one of the finest recognition platforms for the photography community in the region “, concluded Santosh Varghese, Vice President, Toshiba MEA.
Ms Anuva Madan
Brand Outreach & Engagement Specialist
ISD Global
Tel: 04 3867728

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