6 Easy Ways to Attract Facebook Ads Without Spending A Dollar


While Facebook is a useful platform that allows you to reach hundreds or thousands of people at one time, it is also a very competitive place if you are vying for clicks and business exposure. The reality is, you are not the only one who posts on Facebook to get likes and shares.

Many people post on Facebook for a variety of reasons (both personal and professional). If you want some business exposure on Facebook, keep in mind that you are also competing with other business pages, sponsored ads, viral posts, memes, and even pictures of food and family trips that your target customer might be more interested in.

On top of that, Facebook is constantly improving its algorithm to show its users the most relevant posts and ads on their feed. For many entrepreneurs, the only way to gain more exposure and likes is by paying (and creating) their own Facebook ad campaign.

Now it is no secret that Facebook ads could be costly. So if you are short on budget, you can try these 6 cost-efficient strategies to gain more likes, readers, and engagement on your Facebook business page. Yes, you don’t have to spend a dollar for every click with these 6 easy tips!

  • Optimize your Facebook page.

Optimizing your Facebook page is free and very easy to do. Optimizing your page will also help your Facebook profile rank well on Search Engine results. First of all, make sure you upload an original and good quality photo for your profile. That includes both the profile picture and cover photo.

Next, make sure that you fill out all the necessary information on your “About” section. Type in your business name, address and contact information (both email and numbers). Aside from that, take some time to craft a short description of your business on the About and Company Overview sections. Just describe what your product/service is all about.

Make sure to create a customized URL for your Facebook page too. Ideally, it should bear the name of your business. You can do this by going to settings and clicking on the “General” sub-menu. There, you will see that you have the option to edit your username. Your username is basically the same with that of your custom URL. The format would be “facebook.com/username. ”

  • Promote yourself.

Well, how can you promote your Facebook page if your immediate friends and family don’t even know that you have one? Start with your own community and slowly share it or sync to other Social Media platforms and blogs such as Twitter, LinkedIn or WordPress. You don’t have to sell anything at this point yet, just encourage friends, family and prospects to “like” your page!

  • Share interesting content.

To engage and attract customers, you need to share interesting content. What do your customers want to read? What kind of posts do they usually respond to? This takes some time, research, and observation, but you can make use of Facebook’s free insight tool to get a good picture.

As a prerequisite, you have to publish different types of content regularly to initiate engagement from your audience. After a while, you can take a cue from the posts with the most likes, views, shares or engagements.

If you are really unsure about where to start, you can take a look at your competitors’ pages and see which of their posts were more successful and engaging. You can also try to look at the type of content that they are publishing.

Another thing, publishing content regularly is also a way to further optimize your Facebook page. If you want your page to stay relevant, you have to keep it updated with new content and posts on a regular basis. You don’t have to post something new every day, you can just schedule a post once or twice a week.

  • Engage in conversations.

Facebook is made for socializing, so engaging with your prospects and customers is a very important thing to do. You can engage them through chats or through the comment sections. However, you can also initiate a conversation by asking a question or creating a poll on your page.

If you are designing new packaging, for example, you can allow them to get involved through a poll. You can also ask fans or customers to send a photo of them using your product and pick out a weekly winner to feature!

  • Go out of your way and invite people to like your page.

Your page is not limited to your immediate circle. When your friends interact with your posts, their own circle of friends will eventually see your page and some of your popular posts on their news feed too.

There is also a new feature where Facebook can help you notify people who engaged with your post to actually like your page. Just click on a post, and look at the list of people who engaged with it. A small window will pop up along with a clickable button beside the names of people who can be invited to like your official page.

  • Go on Facebook Live!

This is also another great way to engage your customers and prospects. Facebook reports that engagement is very high among people who do live broadcasts on their platform. Many entrepreneurs also use this as a venue for questions and answers and coaching or training sessions.

Since Facebook Live is done in real-time, you also get real-time comments, likes, and engagements. You can also post the session on your timeline so that the people who did not see it on schedule can still view it at their own time.

These are easy but effective ways to grow your Facebook community organically. It may take some time, but the quality of followers you will get through these efforts are genuine. They are following your page because they think your business and content are interesting, and not because they just saw an ad of your business while they are scrolling away on Facebook.

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