Yes, we are the people formerly known as the audience!!


The caption of this blog is borrowed from Jay Rosen‘s great essay. Rosen’s essay ( more about it at served as a manifesto for the marketing, media and advertising industries, serving as an eye opener to the world of democratised influence and how to recognise and embrace the opportunity it represents.

Don’t mean to preach but taking the liberty to put this note across as we all remain committed to building a better/stronger personal and professional brand. I know a lot of you would be already on this b(r)andwagon but sharing this nevertheless. Thank you for your engagement.

” You are the champion.And it takes a champion to make an impact.But, advancement, as we all know, doesn’t come without investment though.

What is taking place around us, right now, is something so tremendous that to proclaim a cheat sheet/short cut exists would actually cheat you from truly grasping this new opportunity for personal and professional growth.

This is much deeper than anything anyone could cover ‘ for dummies’. It’s a matter of abridgement versus immersion. Success and maturation is tied to the latter.

Content is the new democracy. Think about it. Investing extra time after hours(am all for work life balance, I can assure you) and on weekends is the minimum ante to enroll in what I call the New Media University. With every day that passes, enrollment multiplies. The question that you have to ask is whether you want to lead or follow. Please note that the risk of following is that the field will quickly become congested and choked with competition and stagnation.In contrast, when you choose to take a leadership role, you will find that challenges are scattered and in short supply. The cost,however is that you go back to school(read The New Media University)for the near future in order to learn and acquire the skills necessary to lead your brand(both personal & professional) into the future.

Social Media is a chapter in the evolution of new media.We are now part of the community we wish to inform, and therefore we must establish prominence and earn influence in order to amass attention, instill enthusiasm, empower ambassadors, and create a community of loyal collaborators toward a more meaningful form of ‘unmarketing’ and communications.

While many will ask questions, few will have the answers.That few could be you.So,which side of the dialogue do you choose?


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