Todd Talk: Nothing Accidental About It


Yes he also does Ted Talks and a host of other things.
If you have written multiple books (including Accidental Creative, Herding Tigers, Louder Than WordsDie Empty, Daily Creative), which have inspired action and acted as catalyst for change, and continue to churn out thought provoking content with high velocity and substance, then you are definitely Todd Henry.

Todd Henry is the ubiquitous flag bearer for creativity, productivity and passion for work and helps people and organisations generate their best ideas and bring them to fruition. In his own words, Todd calls himself ”  an arms dealer for the creative revolution “. He wears multiple hats including being a teacher, writer, speaker and podcaster. His new book ‘ Daily Creative ‘ has hit the bookshelves and online stores and like his earlier works, promises truckloads of actionable insights and practices.
BrandKnew, published by branding agency ISD Global, engaged in a happy confluence of minds and collision of thoughts with Toddand what followed was inspiring and uplifting. WatchTodd walk the torque with Suresh Dinakaran, Managing Editor, BrandKnew here..

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