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Work environments desperately needs a rejig. That’s what Pim De Morree, Co Founder of Corporate Rebels, keynote speaker, blogger is set out to achieve. Along with his co founder Joost Minaar, he has made it a mission to make work more fun. Travelling the world, reccing organisations and advising them to radically change the way they work. Here BrandKnew, published by ISD Global, gets a no holds barred conversation with Pim vide an audio interview. Take it away in it’s pure, unedited format.

BK: Pl tell us a bit about your background, growing up years etc
BK: What was the inflection point for you and Joost to start ‘ Corporate Rebels ‘ ? What did you see @ work that did not connect/excite?
BK: How has the journey been thus far with Corporate Rebels ?
BK: What is your notion of ‘ psychological safety ‘ at work and how vital is that to productivity and creativity?
BK: Where do you see the WFH(Work From Home) concept especially given the current context colliding or combining with your ethos of making work more fun?
BK: What inspired you to write the book ‘ Corporate Rebels ‘ – a walking the walk initiative or was it something else?
BK: Some months back, BrandKnew had a conversation with Francesca Gino, from the Harvard Business School and author of Rebel Talent- do rebel talents make a better workplace or a better workplace attracts rebel talent?
BK: Could you name some of the organisations around the world in your understanding that are setting the right benchmark for workplace culture that is fun and hence more productive and creative?
BK: There is an increasing respect for ‘ Compassionate Capitalism ‘ or as Vijay Govindrajan would call it ‘ Profitable Audacity ‘ – doing good is doing great for brands, isn’t it? Welcome your thoughts Pim.
BK: Do you see the challenges of an ideal workplace being more specific to certain industry segments like BFSI(Banking, Financial Services, Insurance) or is it across the board? Is it a culture issue? A legacy thinking burden?
BK: Radical candour any day rather than ruinous empathy is the new prescription for workplace communication- what would you say to that?
BK: Don’t you think ‘ Management Thinking ‘ could do with a breath of fresh air?
BK: What makes Pim De Morree go ‘ Wow, another day at work ‘ ?
BK:  Which are the books and who are the leaders in business and outside that have inspired you and your thinking?
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