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In a speech at ad:tech London, Antoine de Kermel discussed how TVTY is helping brands such as O2, McDonald’s, Kia and Coca-Cola to personalise their campaigns in real-time. For those unable to attend the event, he explains why and how all brands should embrace advertising in the moment.

In life, timing is everything. Striking at the right moment can be the difference between scoring a World Cup winning try, making millions on the stock market or walking away empty-handed, and it’s no different in marketing.

People today are bombarded by so many ads that it’s hardly surprising that research shows 70% of online consumers believe that the quality, timing or relevance of a company’s message influences their perception of a brand. With so much at stake, more companies are realising the need to engage with audiences across digital channels at the right moment.

But how do you decide when the moment is right for you to launch digital campaigns? One way is to look at offline events that are likely to really interest your target audiences and impact their behaviour. Then use these to trigger digital campaigns. We call this moment marketing.

Ultimately, brands know better than anyone the types of events that will influence the behaviour of their audience, big or small. The job of a moment marketing company is simply to use the latest technology to create triggers that instantly react to offline events.

As 84% of people use their mobile device as a second screen while watching TV, ad-sync is a common and effective way to engage with an audience in the moment. But even though 66% of smartphone users turn to their phone to learn more about a TV ad they watched, research suggests interest in the ad peaks within just 10 seconds – a short window marketers must capitalise on. Brands could even decide to ‘ad-jack’ competitors. As a competitor’s ad is aired on TV, brands can counter-attack by dominating online inventory in that moment and owning the conversation.

Moment marketing 1But it’s not just TV events that brands can use to trigger their online campaigns. The weather, stock prices and pollution levels are important moments for consumers. Live events, like football matches, provide hundreds of emotional moments for marketers to connect with their audience. We know interest in a game builds towards kick off, spikes as teams score then declines sharply at full time. But as much as they would like, brands simply can’t predict when goals will be scored.

Moment marketingTo avoid missing out they need technology to automatically react and boost online spend. During the Rugby World Cup for example, TVTY built dynamic scenarios which instantly reacted in real-time to key points during matches for O2’s Wear the Rose campaign.

Failing to match periods of high consumer interest with increased spend is not only a wasted opportunity but doesn’t optimise marketing spend. By triggering campaigns at the right moment rather than the “might” moment with TV ad boost, car brand Kia was able to reduce search CPC by 46%.

Moment marketingIt’s forgivable to think using event triggers cross-channel and cross-device would add an extra level of complexity to the already overworked life of a digital marketer. In reality, a moment marketing platform should augment and not replace ‘traditional’ media planning and buying tools, but this can be a challenge with so many players in the market. That’s why TVTY is partnered, and fully integrated, with leading DSPs and the biggest media buying platforms in the industry, such as Marin Software, to ensure the moment marketing technology is a seamless part of the planning and buying process.

For brands, seizing the moment is now an essential way to connect with consumers. So for marketers looking to engage, the time to embrace moment marketing is here.

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