Framing a Minimalist: The Great (E)scape!


The Art of Storytelling through the lens. Going beyond the moment. Capturing emotions. This would appropriately describe Anthony Lambmultiple award winning Fine Art photographer based in Dubai & the UK. Simplicity confluences with minimalism in his work and he has featured regularly in photography magazines and publications such as Practical Photography, Outdoor Photography, B&W Minimalist magazine, Landscape Photography magazine, Timeout, LEMAG, ND magazine, RPS Journal to name just a few. You can check out his work at Anthony is soon to be a publisher as well. BrandKnew(published by ISD Global) caught up with him in a freewheeling conversation vide an audio interview. Listen in!

BK: Talk to us a bit about your childhood/formative years, early inspiration etc ?



BK: The UK and the UAE- you have been exposed to different footprints- in your context, where does the similarity end where does the non familiar begin? And how it has shaped your thinking as a lenscrafter?

BK: It’s all about the image, stupid- how do you perceive that?

BK: When did you realise the gravitas of photography as an important calling in your life?


Desert Port -2

BK:’  A picture speaks a thousand words ‘ and one were to extend that adage, a  ‘ picture also is a thousand worlds ‘ – what lens would you wear on these?

BK: Do you reckon that in an Excel Sheet dominated zeitgeist, with top lines and bottom lines as the be all, and end all, storytelling and thereby the art of visual imagery has lost its aura? Or been undermined in some sense?


BK: If you were to describe your style in a line, what would that be : ‘ non intrusive, going with the flow, the narrator, the enhancer, understated , purposefully minimalistic ‘…?

BK:Social media and the invasion of the smartphones– you see that as a welcome intrusion or non welcome trespassing for content creators in the purest sense of the term?


BK:What are the everyday challenges that you experience with brands and organisations in your profession? What would you like to see change?

BKTo use your quote My wish is to offer different frames of reference that transport you to a place that is suspended between reality and surrealism “- could you help us do a deep dive on that?



BK: Now it can be told: you have a book beautifully titled SAND coming around not so far away early 2021- as we wish you the very best on that really worthwhile initiative, would you want to offer our readers a sneak peek of what to expect therein?


 Self Portrait B&W

BK: Don’t mean to put you in a spot here- which of the projects that you have executed over the last 17 plus years, has given you the maximum satisfaction- a never ending rush of dopamine? Happy to understand that ?

BK: While framing, creating, visualising the greatest possible output in an image, what are the thoughts that govern you most?

BK: Within your craft, who are the people whom you look up to and admire the most? Why?


Desert Port - 1

BK: What are the non professional pursuits that you engage in which you feel has contributed vastly to your craft?

BK: What makes Anthony Lamb go ” Wow, another day at work “!


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