Branding and Common Sense with Martin Lindstrom


Martin Lindstrom has been disintermediating the world of brands and branding with his seminal work over the past few decades. He is a TIME Magazine Honoree and well entrenched within the revered Thinkers 50 community for his stand out work in the field of branding and marketing. His work is fueled by the power of empathy, driven by insights from small data and in no less measure inspired by common sense. He opens up here to BrandKnew (published by ISD Global) in a freewheeling chat where among other things he talks about his new book ‘ The Ministry of Common Sense ‘.


About Author

Suresh Dinakaran

Suresh Dinakaran is the Chief Storyteller at ISD Global, a brand strategy & creative ideations entity based out of Dubai and Managing Editor, BrandKnew. With over two decades of insights, expertise and experience in building and growing brands across multiple geographies and media platforms. Passionate about innovation, disruptive ideations, creative leadership and imaging the future apart from writing, movies, music and sports. He can be reached on

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