It is said that what the world lacks in large does is creativity. Especially amongst it’s leadership community be it at Government, Corporate or Community levels. One stand out individual that is helping leaders and organisations take the quantum creativity leap is Natalie Nixon. She wears many hats: Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant and Quality Researcher. Natalie, President & Creativity Strategist at Figure8 Thinking LLC, leverages the power of creativity and foresight to help leaders achieve transformative business results while unlocking and amplifying value. Here she is being ‘ heard ‘ in a stimulating and inspiring conversation with BrandKnew(published by ISD Global). Listen in with rigorous attention!

BK: Could you please share something about your growing up years, your childhood aspirations etc?
BK: As an innovation and design strategist, how much of your background in cultural anthropology, fashion, and dance added weight to your current practice?
BK: When did you discover there is a writer in you and how did your first book Strategic Design Thinking come about?
BK: In an increasingly commoditized world, there’s an SOS call needed for brands because of the prevailing SOS(Sea of Sameness)– do you agree?
BK: To quote you ” There’s not a whole lot that’s essentially new anymore. It’s all in how we recombine it “. I presume in a way you are endorsing Jim Jarmusch’s quote about ” Nothing is Original …”. Would you agree?
BK: Consumers are perennially looking for an ‘ expedition of engagement, entertainment and escape ‘- how can brands use creativity as the binding glue to make this happen?
BK: In your practice, do you see brands and organizations really leveraging creativity as a resource for business growth?. Don’t you think far more needs to be done?
BK: The world over, there is a leadership crisis across organizations, politics and more. The common refrain or the Achilles Heel is the creativity vacuum. What would be your thoughts on this?
BK: In an era of ‘ Conformity, compliance, adherence, standardisation ‘ and all of that, do modern day organisations and brands really see meaning in what you are espousing?
BK: Considering that educational institutions shape mindsets, do you think there is too much focus on STEM Subjects(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) at the cost of Liberal Arts– history, culture, anthropology, humanities, social sciences etc that is making the gap wider between what people want and what brands deliver? Would you push for Creativity as a subject in K-12 Curriculums?
BK: What was the trigger point for you to write your new book ” The Creativity Leap “?
BK: Wonder and rigor in creativity: what comes first? Or there is no linear sequence to this?
BK: With delivering numbers to satisfy shareholders the clarion call, quarter after quarter, do you think it is coming at the expense of creativity and innovation?
BK: You also espouse the 3 I’s in your book Viz Inquiry, Improvisation & Intuition: do you want to elaborate?
BK: Seth Godin talks about the importance of showing up and shipping things out as a practice to get to your best output- what would be your views on this?
BK: Creativity for brands and organisations sounds very esoteric while brand equity and brand valuation are narratives well understood and acknowledged in today’s context- would you say the twain should and can meet? 
BK: Which in your opinion are the brands that have hit the sweet spot when it comes to being a ‘ creativity driven brand ‘? And which are the brands that could do with some help immediately to become creativity driven and change their lifeline?
BK: What do you like doing more of – Consulting, Speaking or Writing?
BK: Could you tell us about the books and people who have inspired your life and career?
BK: What makes Natalie Nixon go ‘ Wow, another day at work ‘ ?

BK: In our practice here at ISD Global, we advocate that ” Creativity is Futureproof ” – welcome your thoughts on this Natalie.

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Suresh Dinakaran is the Chief Storyteller at ISD Global, a brand strategy & creative ideations entity based out of Dubai and Managing Editor, BrandKnew. With over two decades of insights, expertise and experience in building and growing brands across multiple geographies and media platforms. Passionate about innovation, disruptive ideations, creative leadership and imaging the future apart from writing, movies, music and sports. He can be reached on suresh@groupisd.com

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